Transducer Technology designs and develops chemical sensor, detector, monitor, dosimeter and sensor systems Carbon monoxide   Now a Division of KWJ Engineering Inc.
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  Chemical sensor products and accessories

Transducer Technology, Inc. is a premiere manufacturer & developer of a wide array of chemical sensor products and accessories used for safety, hygiene, process, and environmental measurements. Nanotechnology enables us to make the most advanced sensor products in the world. Our mission is to protect human health and ensure environmental safety with high performance, solution driven sensor products. Our current focus is on making innovative high-tech, high-performance, nano and micro sensors for the detection, measurement, and monitoring of toxic gases, such as Carbon Monoxide "CO", H2S, NO, NO2, H2, SO2 and other toxic or otherwise hazardous materials.

Dr. Stetter's sensor application research

Through years of ongoing commitment to advancing sensor technology, TTI bridges cutting edge science and engineering to the marketplace. The result is a unique offering in sensing systems to meet the most stringent laboratory, commercial, and home needs. Our development team translates the nano-, micro-, and MEMS-technology into creative sensor solutions for our customers. We work to understand individual needs and create the most specific and comprehensive sensor solutions.

Gas sensors for CO, H2S, NO, NO2, H2, O3, O2, SO2

Our products offer the next generation in technology at a cost effective price, and this translates into value. Nanotechnology has been successfully integrated into our practical products with advanced analytical features. Our sensors are nano-powered, tiny, light-weight, and powerful; dynamic enough to do measurement, monitoring, and dosimetry in one single package. We offer chemical sensors, for a wide variety of gases and applications including, but not limited to: H2S, NO, NO2, and CO.

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